In the Shadow of the Ark, by Anne Provoost

Taking the Biblical account of the Flood as her inspiration, the author has constructed an exciting metaphorical adventure that raises many questions about modern life.

When ReJana and her family reach the desert plain where the great ship is being constructed, the world has already begun to change. The waters are rising everywhere, and both people and animals are beginning to panic. This is the dramatic story of the weeks and months that follow, as the rain transforms the earth and the people come to understand the magnitude of the disaster. This is the story of one girl who stows away on the ark for love of Ham, Noah's son. This is her story of survival.

Translation by John Nieuwenhuizen, winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award 2000.

The American version: Scholastic, Arthur Levine Imprint, USA

The Australian version:Hodder Headline, Australia

The British version: Simon & Schuster, UK.

A love story from the dawn of civilisation

Re Jana and her parents have heard stories about a man building an enormous ship in the desert, and decide to go there to find work. Re Jana's father soon becomes the right-hand man to desert patriarch Noah, while Re Jana, an attractive girl on the verge of adulthood, teaches his people the benefits of clean water and fragrant oils. Ham, Noah's youngest son, succumbs to her charms, confiding in Re Jana that his god intends to submerge the world and that only Noah and his family will be saved. But when the Flood begins, Re Jana is smuggled on board by Ham - and the future of their new world is changed for ever…